Hosting A March Madness Party? Get All Your Booze Delivered By Drizly

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We’re living in the future, folks. All the technology I need has been invented at this point. Sure, I’d like a Hoverboard, but to be honest that would probably just sit in the back of my closet anyway. I live in a world now where I can just take out my phone, tap the screen a couple times, and booze will show up directly to my door. Thats all I need. Forget about flying cars and virtual reality. All I need is Drizly.

Drizly is a free alcohol delivery service operating in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Boston. Punch in your name, address, browse through your booze, and press order. Booze shows up right to your door. Pure magic. Like the drunk version of Seamless. Or for the fat people like myself reading – the drunk version of Dominos Cheesy Bread appearing at your apartment.

Right now they’re offering a discount for all New York Stoolies. Download the Free Drizly App and enter “BARSTOOLNYC” as the promo code for $10 off your first order. Whether you’re hosting March Madness, a cocktail party, or you’re just too lazy to run to the store to grab another bottle of wine, Drizly has you covered.