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Christian Yelich Wrote An Amazing Letter To The Seniors Of His Alma Mater High School After Their Final Season Was Taken Away From Them

I can't imagine being a senior athlete in high school or college right now having your final year cut short like this. Nothing you can do, completely out of your control. Over just like that. For a lot of these people this is it in terms of their athletic career. I'd be absolutely miserable for it to end like this. It's not fair, but life is one big motherfucker ain't it? Well, imagine being one of those seniors at Westlake and all of a sudden getting an email from CHRISTIAN YELICH? That email just made all of their days. Things don't seem as bad today because he sent them that message. 

Class act move by Yeli. Easily one of the best guys in the game, if not number 1. I don't think it's possible to be more humble and down to Earth than that man is. $200 mill in the bank now and you'd never know it. He's the same guy who was dicking around on KFC radio a few years ago addressing the rumors that he likes to eat ass. Back then he was just an outfielder on the Marlins who would take a dump on the Mets every time they played. Now he's a top 2 or 3 player in the whole league. Still the same laid back dude always looking to do the right thing. 

He's also teaming up with Ryan Braun to provide meals for health care workers tomorrow. 

And he took down the noodle in rocket paper scissors. What a legend. 

P.S. Do people realize what Yelich hit in the 9th inning last year? I came across this the other day and it stopped me in my tracks. 

.543/.579/1.400 7 HR 14 RBI 1.979 OPS

Sucks so much he broke his knee cap at the end of the year. Nationals are not your defending WS champs if that doesn't happen.