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Dumb Feitelberg And Simple Trill Withers Must Have Been Bullied On The Playground

I would plug your blog in here Tyler I just simply do not know how. 

It is plain and simple that these two men were bullied on the playground in Elementary school. Any shmodog or weirdo can walk u to the swings and swing there ass off because they were always open. The "cool" kids were the king of the playground would all hang out near the slides and different obstacle courses. John was a curly headed bastard who was smacked down from the slide from grades 2-9. Yeah it was weird he told me he tried to make a stand when he got to high school and go back to the playground and make a point that he can now sit on top of the slide. Poor bastard got slapped down by a 5th grader and thats why he is who he is today. Tyler was just knew he was going to be cooler later in life and was a lazy bastard and just wanted to sit on the poor peoples playground with woodchips and a swing. I would be ripping beyblades with the boys while they would have swamp ass trying to swing all day. 

As an adult yes the swing wins because I am done climbing things and want to sit my fat ass down. To think the swing is Superior to the slide only means you were bullied back in the day. Its sad these two have to carry these thoughts with them their whole lives but I am here to help. I used to run shit on the playground because I would be slinging snacks for 25 cents anywhere I was. Cant't be selling mil and cookies while being on a swing. Morons