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The "King of Fingers" Can Go Ahead And Get Out Of My Face

Huff Po – Once upon a time, in a pizza place far far away there lived a 20-year-old king from Vallejo, California. Not just any ordinary king, but a “King of Fingers.” He was known as John Hunt by his friends and family, but Pnut the “King of Fingers” by his adoring subjects (fans). When Pnut reigned over Bronco Billy’s Pizza Palace with his fingers, the Internet bowed to his majesty, and recognized him as the master of finger tutting. Tutting is a style of dance that uses the quick, sharp movements of fingers, hands, and arms to mimic ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. It is an offshoot of Oakland turf dancing. The video, appropriately titled, “Greasy Fingers,” shows us that pizza grease must be a key ingredient to making Pnut’s joints move in the incredible way they do. The hobby is definitely uncommon and might seem a little strange to the non-tutter, but it has found a dedicated following online. We look forward to your next upload, Your Majesty.

Hey bro cool finger dances. Pretty sure International Finger Dance Rules would disqualify you for using pizza grease, but I’m not here to point fingers and win on a technicality. I’ll just beat him now:

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.44.38 PM


Sorry Pnut. New King of Fing is taking the throne.

PS – No doubt that Pnut can make bitches turn into a fire hydrant with those digits.