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Dennis Rodman Sings Happy Birthday To Kim Jong Un

(NEWSER) – Yesterday saw Dennis Rodman participate in a super weird CNN interview, and the bizarre saga of Rodman in North Korea didn’t end there. The former NBA player today sang “Happy Birthday” to “best friend” Kim Jong Un, the AP reports. The performance, before an exhibition game involving US and North Korean players, “started out as surreal,” a tour guide tells Reuters. “Then people joined in and it sort of faded a bit, but it seemed pretty heartfelt from Rodman’s side.” As for Kim, he “appeared to smile, but he didn’t appear to expect it.” Other players didn’t accompany Rodman in song, says former New York Knick Charles D. Smith. “We always tell Dennis that he can’t sing. He is tone deaf,” Smith notes. “He did it alone.”

Holy fucking Christ almighty those Asians clapping along and the American NBA team joining in was funny. Kenny Anderson and company clapping it up like “Well if the Koreans are doing it, so am I. Ain’t tryna be fed to any dogs.”

Pretty sure this just solidifies these two are fucking, right? Thats the only explanation I can come up with at this point. The weirdo pseudo-tranny black guy has a thing for fat Asians and the ruthless dictator is compensating for his homosexual urges so they linked up. Thats all I can say at this point to make any sense out of this whole fucking mess. Can’t wait for CNN to do an interview with Charles Smith where he comes to the realization that he flew to North Korea just so The Worm could get his rocks off with Kim Jong.