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Running Out Of Things To Do At Home? Give This A Try!

Back in junior high, my friends and I were hanging out in a basement, playing Xbox 360, and talking about girls. After talking about all of the smokes we went to school with, one of our friends switched topics and asked, "If you could suck yourself, would you?" We all said, "Absolutely not!" 

This turned into a 30 minute argument compiled of great points from both parties. It was a hilarious conversation that ended with myself and the others concluding with, "No". The defendant stood his ground and said, "If you could, you would" followed by a wink. The wink reminded me of when you watch a movie and the camera zooms in on a character winking which foreshadows something for later on. 

Well, that wink hit me like a train last night as I thought about that argument. Considering the circumstances we're facing, desperate times call for desperate measures. "If you could, you would". I also was inspired by this Tik Tok below.