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Coach Duggs Will Meet His Demise Tonight When FSU Visits The Loud House For Some Saturday Night Football

I want Coach Dugs head on a goddamn stake. Those frauds at Notre Dame couldn't get it done so it's our turn. This feels like to me a big time let down game after an emotional road W over the number 5 team in the country. The sliders will be shown. We've got two blind plays as well. I'm not even entirely sure what that is but I'm hoping Big Cat just calls hike and closes his eyes. Either way, FSU does't come out of Syracuse tonight alive. Big Cat is getting cocky with his million followers and he needs to be put in his place.

Saturday Night Football baby. Drink it in. Coach Duggs is standing on the train tracks and there's a freight train coming full speed ahead. FSU is probably sitting at -3.5 right now as they enter a snowy, chaotic Syracuse city with the public all over them. That line REEKS. 

Whose house? OUR HOUSE