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I Can't Wait To Watch The 2003 Ohio State Vs. Miami National Championship Tonight

Alright so today was supposed to be Ohio State's spring football game, and I'll be honest, my overall morale might be at an all-time low right now. The spring game is that little taste of football season you get to let you know that we're only about 4 months away. It's like an appetizer. It's tasty and it lets you know the real food is coming soon. We go down and tailgate it every year, treating it like a nice trial run of gameday to make sure we're ready for the Fall. Well not only are we not able to go this year, but you can't even watch it on TV. And I was just going to be a debbie downer and sit here and pout like the rest of the world, but my credit to my brother for having his first good idea ever for how we can salvage the day. He rounded up the troops and we're going to be doing a Zoom tonight while watching an old Buckeye game. And we're treating like an Ohio State gameday. Must have a beer in hand. Shots on all touchdowns. And if you're out of the room on a score you owe double.

He wanted to choose a Michigan game, but I said to him, why not choose a big game? I haven't been nervous during a Michigan game in a century. Plus, I don't want to do 15 shots when the Buckeyes put up a 60 burger. So he let me choose the game, and we pivoted to watch the greatest team in college football history........get beat. That's right folks. Tonight we're watching the 2003 Ohio State vs. Miami national championship.

Now I was 9 years old when this game was played, so while I know we won (sorry, spoiler alert) in double OT, I only really remember 3 plays.

1.) The Correctly Called Pass Interference

I know this was a highly debated topic at the time, but I'm not sure why. That was pass interfence in 1902, 2002, and will be in 3002. Sorry that the ref misplaced his flag or whatever, but you'd rather get the call right then not at all. Easy decision. You don't want to lose the game on a pass interference call? Don't hold the receiver's jersey. Oh, and this definitely didn't "lose the game" for Miami.

2.) The Willis McGahee Knee Injury

9 year old Tate was grossed out by this and so is 27 year old Tate. Willis McGahee was so cool back in '02. If I wasn't cheering for the Buckeyes obviously, that Miami team had so much swag. Just not enough talent and/or heart I guess. 

3.) Maurice Clarett Stripping Sean Taylor

The single greatest play in college football history. The biggest momentum swing back to another momentum swing I've ever seen. I could not believe Clarett came up with this football. I still can't believe it. Thinking about what Ohio State party's like we hosted looked like during this play is mesmerizing. Like, everyone had to have missed the strip, right? When you throw a pick at the goal line, you throw your hat and scream. You don't say, hold on let's see if our running back chases him down and gets the ball back! I can't wait for this play.

But other than those three, I can honestly say I don't remember one play of the entire game. I'm excited. I got my Pink Whitney ready for my touchdown shots, and I think I'm going Bud Light for the beer. A little different than the Jack Daniels and Coors Light that 9 year old Tate was downing back in 2003.

Here's the full link for anyone that wants to reminisce together: