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Can Anyone Decipher This Baseball Themed Sudoku My Dad Created

Fun Fact: my dad makes his own sudokus every month. Theyre usualy themed depending on whatevers happening  in the world at the time like a holiday, sports, pandemics, etc but usualy sports. He writes them by hand and distributes them  to his neighbors and mails them to me and some relatives. Hes been basicaly a offline blogger for the past 15 years making these things and I wanted to share this one in particular

This months sudoku is celebrating the 2019 Washington Nationals and morning the lack of opening day (a very important day in my history with my dad)  and pops really went for it this time so I wanted to see if anyone can solve my dads puzzle. I havent told him im doing this but tweet me a pic if u solve it and I’ll share with him,he’ll probably get super encouraged and triple his output and my mom will get irritated because hes working on too many puzzles. Or if you want a custom theme sudoku let me know his rates are reasonable and ill only take 10%  

As for this puzzle itself I’m not entirely certain but I think the second part means that somewere in this pattern the Nationals batting order (from when they beat the astros in the 2019 World Series in 7 games winning 4 at there own stadium people forget) and I think I found it.

PS If you cant tell I inherited alot of my brain from my dad who introduced me to sports takes and some times writing nearly illegble things.