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The Dallas Cowboys Should Be Broken Up, Thrown In Jail, And Kicked Out of the NFL Forever After This Disgusting Display Of Treason Against The American People

TMZ - Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott are partying like it's NOT 2020 in the middle of a pandemic -- hanging together for a celebration that appears to violate the Texas "safer-at-home" order.

The turn up went down Friday night at the Dallas Cowboys QB's crib in Prosper, TX, and his star running back was there as a guest. We're told it was a birthday party for one of Dak's friends, and at the height of the bash, there were about 30 guests.

The issue is the TX Governor's orders call for social distancing at all times, and no more than 10 people in a gathering.

Doug, kick him off the tour! This is disgusting behavior. Here we are, all the good citizens of the United State of America, obeying our laws and governments and staying at home. I'm eating 3 week old french fries I find in my couch cushions because I'm all out of food. There are people who haven't seen sunshine in months. It's a horrible reality that we are living in, but we're all in it together.


Look at them, peacocking around like they are better than the rest of us. America's team? More like American treason. We're all here trying to stay at home and flatten the curve and Zeke and Dak are basically walking up to your grandmothers and breathing directly into their mouths. For SHAME.

So the NFL needs to do what they do best and hand down suspensions. But not just that, they need to kick Dak and Zeke and basically the entire Cowboys team out of the league. We cannot be too safe right now. Imagine if the Cowboys infect the entire league because of their reckless, selfish behavior? Can we really trust them playing this season? Or next season, at that? The Redskins should get 2 wins out of this as a result, the Cowboys thrown in jail, and we can re-evaluate the situation in 25 years. That's my fair and unbiased opinion.