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New York Rules That Interns Are Allowed To Be Groped At Work

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NY PostIt’s bad enough that unpaid interns can’t earn wages — but now a federal judge has ruled they’re not even protected from being groped by their bosses. Manhattan federal Judge Kevin Castel determined that Lihuan Wang, a former intern at Phoenix Satellite Television US, couldn’t bring a sex-harassment claim against the Chinese-language broadcasting company and her former supervisor there because unpaid interns aren’t employees — so they’re not covered by the city’s Human Rights Law. Castel also pointed out that the City Council has had various opportunities to amend the law to protect interns, but has failed to do so. His ruling came even as there’s been a groundswell of interns nationwide suing employers, such as Condé Nast and online gossip site Gawker, to be paid for their work. Wang, who filed the lawsuit in January, started interning at Phoenix’s New York office in 2010 when she was 22. She alleges that only two weeks into the internship, a company supervisor, Zhengzhu Liu, lured her to his room at the Hilton in Midtown by claiming the meeting would be to discuss her job performance and potential employment. Instead, she alleges he tried to kiss her “by force” and squeeze her butt, the suit claims.

Well there you have it, Cubicle Interns. You’re not even human. Don’t even qualify for Human Rights Laws. They can work you until you literally die and now apparently they can molest you while you’re doing it. You know whats the craziest part? Most interns probably wouldn’t even be surprised or fazed by this. Like the same maniacs who would work 3 straight days until they dropped dead like that Bank of America dude are the same type of people that would just let themselves get groped at work. Hey how was your internship today? “Well I threw up from exhaustion and and my boss almost fingered me, but I think he knows my name now so it was worth it!” Thats the Cubicle Intern mentality, man. Slave away and do whatever your Masters ask of you all so you can put it on your resume and say you worked there. Doesn’t matter what actually happened during your internship. Did you learn a lot about Satellite TV at Phoenix? For sure not. You experienced unsolicited kissing and got your b-hole tickled. But “it will all pay off in the long run!” right?

Nah. You’re just gonna get a glorified internship after college and get raped metaphorically for the next 45 years. On that note its officially #MailTime.