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The Englewood Horse Is Now Riding Around The Neighborhood

Yesterday, I blogged this video of a horse being found in an Englewood backyard:

It featured a couple neighborhood kids petting/feeding it so I figured that it was just kind of the blocks mascot that everybody stopped by to say what's up to.

Well, it turns out this bad boy is taking it up and down the city streets around Marquette & Ashland:

What a fool I was thinking that this was a glorified rocking horse or one that you'd find near the check out lines at Jewel. My man is taking it up and down these streets with no worry in the world. I need someone to send in the video of him trying to go through a Drive-Thru because you know he's tried for shits and giggles.

The longer this goes on the more curious I'm going to get about how the hell is ended up there. I also won't be shocked if we see him ride it straight into the Englewood Whole Foods to let it have at the produce section. Now that would be a scene.