Labor Day Friday - The Biggest #MailTime Day of the Year

Welp this is it, Monkeys. Labor Day Weekend. Last weekend of summer. Come Tuesday, the carriage turns back into a pumpkin and your life of booze and random sex every weekend at your beach house comes crashing to an end. Your bosses and managers all come back to work – no more vacations, no more three day weekends – back to the grind. So make this weekend count, you poor bastards. Grab some lunch, fire up MailTime, skip out of the office early, and party like Tuesday is gonna be one of the worst days of your life. Because it will be.

We talk about the other Worst Days of the Year, the chick who wants to fuck 100,000 dudes, we created a new weekly installment Monkey of the Week, and we play another round of Heads Up with the Definitive Hot Chicks of the 90s. The laziest hour of your day on the laziest day of the year starts now.