Should The Yankees Have Retaliated Last Night?

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I feel like this is the 1 millionth time this has been discussed. The Red Sox drill Jeter or someone on the Yanks and everyone waits for retaliation that never comes. But last night was that magnified by a hundred thousand. Probably one of the most intentional bean balls in the history of baseball. Right up there with Shawn Estes. Obviously the Yankees get the last laugh by winning a big game in the division as they cling to a shred of playoff hope. Thats the most important thing right now. And to be perfectly honest, Girardi’s fireworks and Arod’s bomb was probably enough of a response. Ryan Dempster came out of last night’s soap opera looking like the biggest tool in the league.

But was that enough? Getting the win will probably squash enough of the drama because the Yankees come out the bigger person and look like they’re above all the riff raff. But thats some hindsight is 20/20 shit. Are the Red Sox really allowed to sucker punch someone like that with nobody standing up for their teammate? And don’t give me that “This is how you know the Yankees don’t back Arod” nonsense. This is about the Red Sox acting like a bunch of chicken shit pussies, it doesn’t matter who their target is. Is a bomb to dead center and a W enough of a response?