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Introducing The Barstool Breaking Bad Death Pool

So heres a little game I came up with so we can continue with a little Breaking Bad trivia as the final season kicks off on Sunday night. Breaking Bad Death pool. You pick from a list which character you think will be the first to die in these final 8 episodes. Obviously there can potentially be a ton of people who pick the same character and many people can be correct. So as a tie breakers there are 3 trivia questions included as well. The tie breaker will be whoever had answered those questions correctly the fastest. Every one who submits an answer gets a timestamp, so we can see who was first to answer everything correct and predict the right death. The questions are a little more complex than I’ve been doing all week, so might need to give it a little more thought or even do some research. But just remember, time is the main tie breaker if you got everything else correct. So faster the better. The prize is any combination of 5 t shirts or hats from They have a whole array of Breaking Bad T’s and other gear to pick from. If nobody dies we’ll keep rolling it over week to week and adding more gear to the pot.

After you vote, you can see which characters other people have picked, so you’ll know how good your chances are. Follow me on twitter @KFCBarstool to participate and keep up with the results if/when we roll it over week to week.

If you don’t like your chances of winning and want to just buy your Breaking Bad gear directly from Lexhed, you can use the promotional code “KFC” that gets you a 10% discount and free shipping.