The Jersey Turnpike And Women Drivers Summed Up In One Picture

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Listen I’d be lyin if I said I havent gotten in road rage battles on the turnpike that could have resulted in this same situation. The Turnpike is where I’ve done some of my greatest battles on the road. And trying to maneuver through the toll booth traffic can be the most competitive, heated part of it all. There’s always one asshole bobbing and weaving in and out thinking if they get one car ahead that it makes a difference. Fuck those people. So then I start being a dickhead back. Boxing them out and trying to stop them from cutting in. Only difference is its usually 2 guys driving and one of us realizes when we need to bail out before we’re sandwiched in the fucking toll booth.

The State Trooper. The backwoods hick with the dirt bike in the back bed. The women drivers. Its Jersey and women, all in one shot.