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Breaking Bad Gets Its Own Beer As Tribute For The Final Season

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Fox News“Breaking Bad” is getting its own beer. The Albuquerque-based brewery Marble Brewery is coming out with a “Breaking Bad”-inspired beer in tribute to the end of the series. Called Heisenberg’s Dark, an India Black Ale, it’s named after Walter White’s drug dealing alias in AMC’s hit show. Marble Brewery has occasionally been used as a location on the show, and the announcement was made on Breaking Bad Location’s Instagram feed.  There’s no word yet on whether the beer will be available nationwide in time for the final eight episodes of the show on August 11.  “Breaking Bad” isn’t the first TV show to have its own beer. “Game of Thrones” has a whole line of Ommegang beers to commemorate the show, and Stone Brewing created a “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” beer. Winemakers are getting into the game too.  This week it was announced that “Downton Abbey” will get a new “vintage” wine, distributed by Wines that Rock. 

“Heisenberg’s Dark.” Even if Breaking Bad didn’t exist that sounds like it would be a perfect beer. They should pair it with a “White” ale to have a dark and light version. Also some sort of blueberry ale or something for Walter’s blue would be fitting.

And maybe a specialty craft beer for Walt Jr. that just tastes like pancakes and waffles and eggs and shit. Call it “Flynn’s Breakfast A-A-A-Ale.”