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Don't Let Hootie (Sans The Blowfish) Get Hot On Tik Tok!


Throughout quarantine I've seen a lot of celebrities getting into the Tok game. I saw Jack Black cut up an absolute rug and by rug I mean some sort of cardboard-looking thing in his backyard with an enchanting array of dance moves.

We've seen the Shaqtus getting into it with the kids as well. I gotta say 1 thing about the Shaqtus, over the years he's had more nicknames than Guy Fieri's visited diners (and drive-ins and dives) but the Shaqtus has always reigned supreme for me. No idea why. Love the Shaqtus.

And now we have the man, the myth, the legend diving right into it with his daughter as they dance along to some odd Carole Baskin song that may or may not be sung by Patrick Mahomes. My fingers are crossed that Dani Rucker is fully prepared to annoy Darius until we start getting more of these, hopefully with some Hootie tunes as opposed to this Baskin jam. A Hootie/Tok crossover sounds fantastic to me. Not sure if Tik Tok even allows good music and even if they don't they should make exception for Hootie. "I Go Blind" would be a great tune to kick it off. We can only hope. 

Finally I just want everyone to know that I am aware Hootie has said he is, in fact, not Hootie and that Hootie is no one. But wouldn't it make sense if he was Hootie & the other guys in the band are his blowfish? I don't know- I just love the word Hootie. Hootie, Hootie, Hootie. 


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