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Steven Seagal Joins Forces With Putin To Investigate The Boston Bombings

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1.45.28 PM

ABCThe former action film hero has apparently developed a web of high level contacts in Russia, which he tapped into for a visiting delegation of American lawmakers who came, in part, to investigate April’s Boston marathon bombing. One suspect in that bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, spent six months last year in Dagestan, a restive region in southern Russia. The meetings, it appears, yielded little new information about the Boston suspect and no smoking gun to suggest an intelligence failure. “There is nothing specific that could’ve been done that we can point to that, had it been done differently, would’ve prevent this,” said Rep Dana Rohrabacher, the Republican from California who led the delegation. But Rohrabacher, who said he has known Seagal for “a number of years” and said the two had often discussed “thwarting radical Islamic terrorism,” repeatedly praised the actor for “going out of his way” to set up meetings for the delegation in Russia. “We are very appreciative of the help he has given this congressional delegation to make sure we accomplished our mission,” Rohrabacher said.

How much awesome can you cram into one photograph? Putin and Seagal teaming up to stop terrorism. Thwarting radical Islamics. After they finished their investigation they probably drowned themselves in vodka, battled each other in hand to hand combat, and then banged Russian broads all night long. Its the greatest tag team since the Rock and Sock Connection.

Would love a Dennis Rodman/Kim Jong Un vs. Seagal/Putin tag team match. I’d bet everything I own on Steve and Validmir.