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This Philly Sports Power Hour Is The Most Effective Way To Get Through This Quarantine

Grab yourself a 6-pack of the Kevin Hayes IPA, get your ass comfortable on that couch and let's get after it because the fellas over at DelcoDelphia did it again. 

Holy shit what a rush. 

The only downside is it really drives home the fact how much life without sports sucks right now. But luckily by the end you're so tuned up that it doesn't matter. Personally I think you should have to finish your drink when Harry Kalas and Merrill Reese's championship calls but you'll probably do that anyway on your own because you'll be so fired up. Hell, even just the Bryce Harper walk-off slam piece had me ready to throw on a mask and start parading down Broad Street. 

And that ending? *Chef's kiss*. If I'm Mayor Kenney right now and I want to make sure that everybody is staying home to quarantine, I'm picking a time to ring the Liberty Bell every day to signal when all of Philadelphia needs to be inside and crushing this power hour. This has the potential to save lives. Unfortunately some livers will have to be sacrificed along the way. 

No one likes us, no one likes us

No one liiiiiiikes us, we don't care

We're from Philly, Fuckin' Philly

No one likes us, we don't care. 

h/t DelcoDelphia