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Cristina Torre Has My All-Star Vote

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	Cristina Torre daughter of former Yankees manager Joe Torre shows how she caught the child near Columbus Circle after catching a baby that fell from a window in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

NYDNShe never took her eye off the baby. The daughter of Yankee legend Joe Torre heroically caught a year-old boy who fell from the awning of a Brooklyn storefront Wednesday. Cristina Torre, 44, said she was sipping coffee outside Little Cupcake Bake Shop on Third Ave. in Bay Ridge when several bystanders spotted little Dillin Miller dangling from the awning of a frozen yogurt shop next door at about 10 a.m.


Sign her up! I think it should be pretty clear to everyone that this life saving catch is directly related to the Yankees being the greatest organization in sports history. With Jose Canseco campaigning for an All-Star write in and reporters pushing for Yasiel Puig to get a spot on the team for like 2 weeks, I say we at least get Cristina out there shagging fly balls with a bassinet during the HR Derby. If she needs to warm up by tossing around a few newborns, that’s fine too. You know, just to get her comfortable.

PS: How Brooklyn is it to have a rich dad and not be at work at 10am on a Wednesday morning? So fucking Brooklyn.