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Jim Harbaugh Believes COVID-19 Is A "Message From God"

Dabo has been stealing all the God storylines when it comes to college football and COVID-19 lately:

Jim Harbaugh must've seen the Clemson coach making his rounds and got a little jealous because boy did he hit us with a take on a podcast yesterday:

SOURCE-While the game of football has been put on pause, at least physically, Harbaugh believes there is a silver lining to come from all of this. He sees more people concerned about others, more prayer — all while reiterating that “God has virtually stopped the world from spinning.”

“I don’t think it’s coincidence, personally, living a faith-based life,” Harbaugh said. “This is a message — this is something where, a time we grow in our faith. Having reverence and respect for God. You see people taking more a view of sanctity of life. I hope that continues — and not just in this time of crisis or pandemic.

"We talk about sanctity of life, yet we live in a society that aborts babies. There can’t be anything more horrendous.”

Dabo was giving us the PG-rated Jesus take on COVID-19 and then Harbaugh kicked in the door with an X-rated take for the ages. 

Discussing the validity of Harbaugh's take is not my job. I'm sure there are some that read and agreed with it and there are some that completely disagree. You stoolies are smart, so I'm sure you can develop your own opinion on the matter. 

From a football perspective, I'm not sure this was a great move. Will it destroy Harbaugh's program? Of course not, but leaving the political and religious matters alone is probably best from a program building perspective. You could point to the contrary of what Dabo has done at Clemson, but I have never heard the man preach on specific beliefs, such as abortion (I may not be looking hard enough).

All that being said, Harbaugh didn't violate any laws. Was just a shocking thing to read on a Saturday morning from the Michigan coach.