It Took There Being No Baseball For MLB to Do Something Fun That Markets Its Players

How ironic is it that it took baseball being forcibly taken away for MLB to actually do something that markets its players' personalities and lets them have some fun? This MLB The Show league should be a thing all the time. Baseball needs all the eyeballs it can get, particularly from the demographics that are playing video games.

Just listening to players talk about facing each other and tell stories about different moments they've had playing against each other is fun for everybody. it gives fans insight into what these guys are like off the field and how they actually talk to each other. That's what makes people like players enough to buy jerseys and watch games.

While he's got some time, though, Blake Snell might want to brush up on his skills a little bit, because he got absolutely rocked by Joey Gallo and only lasted two-thirds of an inning — which is ironic given the fact that Gallo's card on the game has become a meme for terrorizing players by hitting cockshots nearly every at-bat.

But if MLB would just do more things like this or putting mics on players, it would go so far in the social media age towards getting more people talking about baseball. Maybe this respite is what the league needed to gather some ideas and see that people on social media actually like being able to see players have fun and we'll see more things like this incorporated going forward. They got lucky and fell into this one, and now they need to notice the positive press things get when you can showcase players' personalities and continue to do other things like this.

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