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The Scene With The Dude From "90 Day Fiance" Who Wants His Girl To Shave Her Legs Feels Very Human Trafficky

So this clip has been making the rounds on social this week. And with the Love Is Blind phenomenon sweeping the nation I think a lot more people got put on to the sick and weird reality shows that are out there that make a complete mockery of love. TLC has been doing this shit for years. The Virgin Diaries with these two creatures who had never kissed anybody before eating each other's face?

Or who could forget this dude on "Love at First Kiss" where he pecked her on the cheek and ran away?

But honestly…ol' boy Eddie No Neck here with his new bride who has hairy legs and what is a VERY clear desire for a green card? I feel like this one takes the cake. I mean did TLC run this by anyone? Did the do any sort of focus groups or anything? This is very clearly a woman who is married against her will for all the wrong reasons. Right?? I mean she barely speaks english. Ed is demanding she shave her legs and begging her for affection she definitely does not want to give. She lied about having sex with him because she absolutely does not want to with him. Shes grossed out and gagging right in front of his mug. This is just about as close to human trafficking as you can get without catching a case.

But hey, I guess, in the end, everybody wins. She lives in America, and this human bowling ball gets to have a wife. No other way this fullback would ever get hitched without offering some citizenship up as his wedding gift. So, congrats to the new couple! I guess. I cant think of anything more suspect than her sister hitting you up for money IMMEDIATELY after getting married via a reality TV show in under 3 months. But again, beggars cant be choosers. Ed is shaving that beard and cutting that check, and apparently thats love.