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Captain Cally Leads Rangers To 4th Straight W


“That’s where I want to be, on the ice playing for the Rangers, and it’s nights like tonight that I enjoy.”

No Rangers fan wants to see Callahan go anywhere. Captain Cally brings so much more than just offense on a nightly basis to the point where the 2-goals-in-19-games slump he snapped last night came and went quietly. Sure, a winning team helps deflect scrutiny, but fans would be pushing to expedite trade rumors surrounding most other players based on recent stat sheet performance. Not Callahan. He’s loved by all, and the only reason his move would be accepted is solely because of his 7-year contract demand. Hopefully, the few meetings his agent has had with other teams has proven getting that length isn’t gonna be so easy. Who knows what team is gonna ante up those years? Why go anywhere else when the Rangers are in a good place with a core of youngsters like McDonagh & Kreider paired with players in their prime like Nash & Hank? So if Ryan Callahan really means it when he says “that’s where I want to be, on the ice playing for the Rangers”, there’s a 5-year/$30 mil offer waiting for his signature before he jets for Sochi.

As for the Blueshirts, it was just more of the same. They came out and absolutely slaughtered a sluggish Avalanche squad to the tune of a 20-4 first-period shots advantage and never looked back. Callahan netted both first period goals, Lundqvist answered the bell the few times he was tested & the Rangers put another in the win column. Four straight, 15-5-1 in their last 21 and the patsy Edmonton Oilers up next before a battle with the Pens brings them to the Olympic break. The only thing fans can ask for right now is an inked 5-year deal to ensure their captain puts that Rangers sweater back on when his USA one comes off.