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DeSean Jackson Went Live And Narrated The Miracle At The Meadowlands II

Jaccpot Records, rejoice!  Remember the Miracle at the Meadowlands II?  Of course you do.  What a moment of time that shall live on for the ages.  Do you remember that was the final game the Eagles won that season, including a disastrous Tuesday night loss to Joe Webb which cost them a BYE week?  Of course you don't. Oh well.  That 2010 season was a magical one in it's own Vick resurgence right.  Now let's hope he can keep his tendons and muscles together for more than 1.1 games next season so we can recreate some solid D-Jax magic. 

DeSean's commentary is second to only one of the greatest to ever do it.  Take it away, Merrill.   

*Have memories of this?  We're live on Twitch with Giants nerd Jerry Ferrara.  Hop in and let's discuss.