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Kristin Chenoweth's First Song From 'Tiger King: The Musical' Is Here and I Want the Full Thing

Composer Andrew Lippa was seemingly joking the other day when he tweeted he was going to make a Tiger King musical, but it appears he was serious after all, as it only took a little over a week for the first song to be released — and it's kind of a banger.

Anybody who watched Tiger King on Netflix — which has to be the majority of Americans at this point — can deduce exactly what "Little Pieces" is about. And I am absolutely here for Kristin Chenoweth playing Carole Baskin in a musical. Not that you ever want to compare someone as lovely as she to someone credibly suspected of murder by virtually the entire country, but something about Chenoweth just has some Carole Baskin energy. I can't exactly pinpoint it.

Regardless, I'm here for this musical. I was having a conversation with some people in the office pre-COVID and said I wasn't a musical guy, but that I had seen Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen and The Book of Mormon and loved all of them and I was told maybe I am a musical guy. So fuck it, I'm a musical guy.

So if Broadway ever re-opens, I'll be first in line for Tiger King. I've been much more entertained by the reactionary content to Tiger King than I was to the actual show. It was good, but I really wasn't sure what I was supposed to be getting out of it or who the main character even was. But give me the Carole Baskin dancing TikToks and a musical and let's ride.