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Somewhere Tiger Woods Is Hitting Golf Balls During Masters Week And We Can't Watch Him


This fucking SUCKS man. It's not healthy but I spend every waking minute of every day thinking about how much all of this sucks. I lose a piece of my soul every time Tiger tweets about how this week is supposed to be Masters week. Knowing how much he wants to be in Augusta, Georgia right now defending his green jacket makes me wanna puke with sadness.  He brought the bag out! He's got the whole bag out there! That's how badly he wants to be playing right now! And he just can't. Tiger Woods wants to play golf and he's not allowed to play golf. How in the fuck did we get here? THIS. SUCKS.

I'd also like to point out again, for the billionth time, a live stream of Tiger Woods hitting golf balls in his backyard right now would get no less than a trillion views. I understand that he doesn't want his entire life broadcast but video of him striping balls on the driving range behind his house would make everything so much better. It would make the world suck a whole lot less.

Here's the first Tiger Woods range session that popped up on YouTube, enjoy 

(that range session has over 200,000 views LOL. people just wanna watch Tiger Woods do stuff)

Oh yeah and this happened 15 years ago today