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The ABCs of Barstool Sports

A is for All Business Pete

B is for #ButtholeEyes

C is for Clown Nose

D is for Disguise

E is for Emergency Press Conference

F is for flying Sixty-Nine

G is for Gambling (Responsibly!)

H is for Howitzergate

I is for Interview

J is for Jared Carrabis likes baseball

K is for Kate is selfishly self promoting twice in a row because she's writing this blog and can't think of a K or a J!

L is for Larry (1 - 6)

M is for Milton Tough

N is for National Anthem

O is for One Bite

P is for Penn National Gaming

Q is for vision Quest

R is for Rough 'N Rowdy

S is for Sex Teacher Scandal

T is for Tits

U is for Unions

V is for Viceroys

W is for Weird Haircut Seth Is A Bum

X is for X-Rated

Y is for YAK

Z is for Zah from Zimbabwe 

…and ok, while I'm at it, Z is also for ZeroBlog30 - Barstool's military podcast made for everyone!