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This Right Here Is How You Get Around The City In Style During A Global Pandemic

So we've already established that trying to get around in Philly while riding SEPTA without a mask probably isn't the move for the foreseeable future. You ride SEPTA without a mask, you're gonna have a bad time. 

Public transportation at a time like this is already risky enough. I realize some people might not have any better options since they might not have a car and still have to go to work. But still. And even if you do have a car, do you realize how filthy your car ends up getting throughout the day? I mean unless you're completely wiping down everything with Lysol every time you get in or out, you're tracking germs in there like crazy. So I'm out on public transportation and I'm out on cars. 

Now what about a bike? Pretty decent idea that allows you to be in an open air environment but do you really want to be putting in all that work especially if you have to travel large distances? Fuccccck that. You don't want to be sweating your ass off just to get to point A to point B. Same goes for a skateboard or anything else on wheels that is man powered. 

So that leaves us with one option and one option only. 

Time to giddy up. Concrete Cowboys leading the way. 

Between this and the guy who was surfing his bike while sanitizing the block, it's hard to find another city in the nation handling this virus better than Philly. 


h/t Phans of Philly