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Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Jon Hamm And A Bunch of Other A-Listers Are Playing In a High Stakes, Live Streamed Charity Poker Tournament Tomorrow

Well this is crazy. Affleck, Brady, Cranston, Adam Levine, Sarah Silverman, Cheryl Hines, Jon Hamm, Jason Bateman, and a bunch of others are playing a $10k for charity tomorrow. As of now 21 people have registered 

and they have unlimited re-entry on it too. This thing is going to raise a ton of money which is awesome.

You can watch it on ACR (the site I play on but not allowed to stream because it's an unregulated site in the USA, meaning it's not regulated by any USA laws. So I'm hesitant to give too much info on it but if you are interested, it is easily found on Google) or on Twitch. 

It's pretty cool that these A-listers are coming together for a big poker tournament for charity. My pick for longest lasting celebrity is going to beeee....Bryan Cranston. He just has that "it" factor. Tobey Maguire obviously is no slouch in the poker game himself, he was one of the founding members of Molly's Game, so he definitely has to be a favorite as well.

It kicks off at 11 am PT tomorrow, which makes it 2 pm EST. I know I'll be watching.