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Quarantine Has Officially Delayed The Friends Reunion So Why Isn't There A Friends Zoom Call Happening?

This quarantine, man. It's taken all the sports away from us- March Madness, the Masters, NBA, NHL, and a WHOLE bunch of other shit that I don't really follow. Even the XFL! So the LAST thing I thought about getting delayed would be this now-godforsaken Friends Reunion. 

I'm a huge Friends guy...maybe the biggest Friends guy there is. I always say there's 2 things I can genuinely say I'm good at in life and those 2 things are Friends Trivia (check out my Big If True record, nbd) and knowing all 50 state capitals. That's literally it. 

So you may have guessed that I was really looking forward to lighting some candles, dimming the lights, and pouring a few glasses of red wine like the common white girl I am when I got into Friends-mode for the Friends Reunion. 

And now that's OUT THE WINDOW. Now of course this thing was simply gonna be the 6 cast members in a room for the first time together in 16 years reminiscing (I would like everyone to acknowledge that I just spelled reminiscing right & didn't have to spell check it) about the show so it wasn't like it was a whole scripted show but still...I'm happy with anything at this point for christ's sake!

And by anything I mean anything...So if I'm them & want to literally break the internet in millions of pieces- schedule a Friends Zoom Happy Hour and call it a DAY. The world would literally turn upside down. 

I mean we know they have the technology...

Hopefully someone reading this can relay the info to the kind folks at NBC. Tell them Balls sent ya.