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Czech Nudists are Ordered to Keep Their Masks On by Police

Source - You can bare it all in the Czech Republic as long as you cover up what matters: your face.

The coronavirus threat has turned social norms upside down in the eastern European nation, where lockdown rules have made it illegal to wear nothing but a smile in a public place — but not for the reasons you’d expect.

Authorities say they ordered dozens of nudists to wear face masks while sunbathing on a beautiful day late last month after they caught more than 150 people violating the country’s strict rules for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“The sunbathing citizens were in one place in a large number, and some did not even have a mask,” Margaret Janovska, a spokesperson for the Tydenik police, said in a statement about the incident.

“Citizens may be in places designated for this purpose without clothes, but they must cover their mouths and observe the numbers in which they can go into nature,” Janovska wrote.

OK. Good to know. That's an important safety tip for anyone who's thinking about walking around in public here or abroad. You don't need gloves, sleeves, shirts, bras, socks, shoes, pants or underwear. You can expose your unclad butthole to the world, hang brain all you want and let them swing low, sweet chariots. But that mouth and nose of yours are basically disgusting, plague filled petri dishes. 

Let your floppy genitalia fly in the breeze like windsocks. Let the sun shine on that balloon knot like it's your god-given right to do so. Because it is. But expose that mucus hole of yours and you'll have to tell it to the judge. Because you might as well be signing grandma's death warrant. 

Got it. Mouths are disease carriers, butts are clean. Learn something new every day in a pandemic.