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Schefter. Woj. Passan. The Avengers Of Sports News Discussed Where Sports Go From Here On SVP Last Night

This felt like the Avengers meeting for the first time. Schefter. Woj. Passan. What a moment in time. The whole trinity of sports news breaking down the dark days we're all stuck in and what to think about looking ahead. Seven minutes and ten seconds of must listen content being fed right into our televisions. I don't trust anyone else in the world more than these fine gentleman right here. 

My first takeaway, these guys have to be related in some way right? I need a 23 and me done STAT. Long lost brothers. Distant cousins. Something in their blood connects all three together I'm sure of it. 

My second second takeaway is we're not getting fans back in stadiums and arenas until there's a vaccine. How could you possibly show up to a large gathering like a sporting event when there's no certainty that the people around you are corona-free? You're just asking to get it and start the whole cycle all over again. That could mean we're not in seats until next summer which is something we just need to accept at this point. Vaccines take a long fucking time to get approved and distributed throughout the country. That's something we really can't speed up. You have to be certain it works and is safe. 

 As for when sports restart, the agreement from the whole trinity here is money being the driving force for the owners and commissioners coming back when they do. That leads me to believe empty stadiums and arenas will 100% be in play in some capacity by the end of the year. There's just too much money at stake. UFC tried and failed, but a few months from now maybe that course of action gets the green flag if done the right way. 

Who knows right now? There's still so much unknown with how the next few months will unfold. What I do know is that I need a weekly convening of these minds on SVP until we're up and going again.