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The Barstool Draft Is Underway And Everyones Assholes Are Now Clenched

I can tell you this my asshole is clenched everyday just because I want to make sure I am occupying peoples times that need some distracting right now. Dave with unlimited money is live for 16 hours a day which means we should all be contributing. The best part of this job is to be the outlet for someone who is having a bad day and your 5 minute video can help there day tremendously. Now getting away from being serious, a barstool draft would the most intense and electric stream of all time. 

If we conduct it just like every other draft of having live reactions when your name is called but for us instead of knowing you are about to become a millionaire you need to clean daves apartment filled with dildos and glitter bombs. The best part of it to is that Dave won't enjoy having you at his apartment so in the end everyone is fucked. Especially with all the weapons he is receiving if you trip in that apartment an axe can tear your achilles right off. This is why this company is the best because you don't know what the fuck is going to happen everyday. I know Mantis is doing content but I am just picturing him getting drafted and hanging out with Dave is a sight I thought I would ever see. The next couple of Days will be interesting and I know if I keep blogging the sight will dissinigrate because of my gramatical error but I just needed to get this of my chest. The live reactions alone to getting drafted would so sad for us but gold for the internet. Good luck to my co-wokers I love you.