And the Pussification of American Continues: MIAA Tourney Director Grabs The Microphone, Scolds Westport Student Section For Turning Their Backs When Cardinal Spellman Starting Lineup Is Announced And Forces Them To Turn Back Around




(This type of behavior during introductions? Not allowed.  Too rude)


HeraldNews - Last Saturday’s Division 3 South boys’ basketball final between Westport and Cardinal Spellman at UMass Boston might be best remembered for a most conspicuous incident which occurred before the teams even tipped off. Just after public address announcer Joe Rocha had started to introduce the Spellman starters, South tourney director Karen McDonald completed a quick march to the scorer’s table, grabbed the microphone, and spoke directly to some of the younger Westport fans in the bleachers directly behind the Wildcat bench. These fans had, when the Spellman intro started, turned their backs to the court, one of those orchestrated moves (like holding up newspapers) fans do. McDonald obviously saw it as a violation of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s fan sportsmanship policy, one that is read over the PA before games. In what seemed like an order in the guise of a request, McDonald asked the fans to turn back around.


Unreal. Of all the stories that sum up administrators and the Pussification of America this one may be the best. Seriously what’s next? Do Westport fans have to cheer for Cardinal Spellman when they get a basket? Give them a standing O when they draw a charge? Because that’s honestly the direction we’re headed here with all this bullshit. Everybody will just have to cheer for everybody the entire game. Probably should get rid of keeping score while we’re at it too. Just have the two teams run up and down the court and applaud them for everything. And let’s not forget to give everybody equal playing time too. And of course you don’t have to make the team anymore. Anybody who wants to play can play. It will be fantastic! The MIAA is gonna save the world!

PS – You know what the craziest part of this story is.  I guarantee you there wasn’t 1 person in the entire gym who was offended by this except Karen McDonald.  I’m sure the Cardinal Spellman team wants the opposing crowd to be rowdy and do shit like this.  That’s what makes sports so great.  When you can go into a hostile gym and shut up the opposing crowd.  That’s what athletes live for.   It’s tough to do that nowadays when nobody is allowed to boo.   Such a joke.  Pussification of America at it’s finest.