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Ryan Malone Can't Get His Kid To Stop Telling People To "Ligma Balls"

I know this was a thing like 10 years ago, but anytime a 10-year-old gets a grown adult with the old "ligma" joke, it's hilarious. We had Ryan "Bugsy" Malone on the podcast this week to discuss dad life and how quarantining with kids has changed him. Bugsy talked about how he has now become Professor Bugsy and taken over home schooling duties and how he also can't get his kid to stop saying "ligma balls" to everyone. For those who listen to Spittin' Chiclets, Ryan Malone is a good friend of Ryan Whitney and has been a character on the show since day 1. There is nothing in the world more ironic than Ryan Malone's kid wanting to wear a "Ligma" shirt to school. This kid is going to grow up to crush a million girls and score a bazillion goals.