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BREAKING: Philly Riders Are Getting BUNDLED Out Of SEPTA Buses By The Cops For Not Wearing Masks

Oh boy!  It's a PANDEMIC, baby!  SEPTA gonna SEPTA and Philly gonna Philly, amiright!  Oh well!  I'm just covering for Smitty's who is L-A-Z-Y for not blogging this!  He's only been live for over 8+ hours a day on Twitch since the Quarantine started.  He STILL needs to be blogging every single story that comes up and is impossible for him to see while life because, well...PAGEVIEWS!!! That's what this world runs on, and that's what I'm here to deliver cause Smitty is one LAZY sack of sack!  

Have fun playing Fortnight while I do/take your job, Smitty!