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Terry Bradshaw Says Big Ben Is Greatest QB In Steelers History And He's 100% Right

From Pro Football Talk:

"Terry Bradshaw won four Super Bowl rings as the Steelers’ starting quarterback, but he doesn’t consider himself the greatest in franchise history.

Asked on 93.7 The Fan to name the greatest quarterback in Steelers history, Bradshaw chose Ben Roethlisberger.

“I would give it to Ben,” Bradshaw said. “His numbers far exceed mine. I may have more Super Bowls, but he is a much better quarterback. I wasn’t bad in my era, but he’s big, strong, accurate, puts up monstrous numbers, and he’s won two Super Bowls. I pass that baton to him gladly. I absolutely have no problem with that. He deserves it.”

We've come a long way with Terry and Big Ben. For a while there back in Big Ben's cocky asshole sketchy phase of his young career Terry was not a huge fan of 7. 

But as both of them have evolved, gotten older, and more logical apparently, Terry is A-OK with admitting that Big Ben is the best in franchise history and he's absolutely right. 

I get it. 4 rings. A dynasty. I know, I know, I know. But side-by-side comparison Big Ben runs away with it and then some. 

For starters longevity. Terry only had eight good years with a few rough ones in between and his last two seasons were basically scratches because of injury. Big Ben is going on his 16th NFL season, and yes he's coming off a season long injury last season but all signs, directly according to Roethlisberger, are pointing up for at least the last two years of his deal. 

People want to bitch all the time about how he's always so injured. Yeah that was mainly during the beginning of his career. We forget that he was sacked the most times in the league in 2008. The year they won his second Super Bowl. From 2013 to 2018 Big Ben only missed seven games. Sure, he's not as available as Eli Manning was, but Eli Manning would pull one from his big brothers stack and just fall down when a defender would get near him. 

It may not be smart, but that's part of what makes Big Ben Big Ben. For every hit he takes he also breaks out of something and makes some crazy play happen. Everyone makes him out to be some Chad Pennington quarterback who is constantly missing seasons, but last year was his first and only season ending injury. 

It's funny how many people last year were claiming after Mason Rudolph's second appearance that he should be the future of the franchise. Yeah, we saw how that played out. 

Look, you can pick apart Big Ben for a lot of different things. But I won't stand for Big Ben slander on the field. He's 100% the best quarterback in franchise history, and anyone who says the Steelers are better off without him don't have to look any further than last season to see how that is 1000% not true. 

Come back soon, 7.