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One Year Ago Today The St. Louis Blues Started Their Journey To The Stanley Cup

A year ago today, the world was a very different place... no I'm not talking about a world before a global Pandemic shut down the world economy, I'm obviously talking about the world before the St. Louis Blues began their playoff march to their first Stanley Cup.  A truly dark, dark time.

We still had to deal with abuse like this from famed podcasters such as Daniel Katz asking how many Cups the Blues have...

I remember being extremely excited for Game 1 of this series because the Blues just had a different air about them.  They were so resilient and felt like a team that wouldn't be affected by the "whiteout" that everyone said was SO scary.  Turns out that feeling was right.  I ordered about 50 dollars of Chinese food (which is like 2 items in New York) and settled in...

It was very clear that something had changed.  The Blues were not the same team from the 50 years before them.  Big Rig was mucking and grinding down low and found Tyler Bozak with 2 minutes left to steal Game 1 as the Whiteout fell completely silent.  The first of MANY times this team would come through for the city of St. Louis and make history that 50 years of quality teams before them couldn't make.  After the game ended and I was concluding the livestream a year ago today, people kept commenting to Play Gloria and since I was in my living room next to where my chinchilla lives, I just took him out of his cage and did a very calm and reserved "dance" with him to the song and tweeted it out to celebrate the first playoff win for the Bluenote…

There is no way that any of us could have seen the rest of last Spring coming, but I honestly don't think any of it follows if Bozak doesn't put that goal home.  The way the entire momentum started and never faded all came from this night and I am sure glad it did.  I'm going to be doing some periscopes/IG Lives/videos with the Big Rig and Blues players recounting the entire Stanley Cup run in the next month, getting insights and memories from games that haven't ever been public before.  They will be blogged/tweeted out so you won't miss it, but be sure to be on the lookout.  Hit the dance Boris.

P.S.  In a small bit of positive news for the world today, Boris, who has been at the animal hospital for a week and a half now and for a brief period looked like he wouldn't make it through the afternoon alive, is actually improving and could get out of the Vet alive in the next week.  I know he's just a rodent but to me he is my rat son and I love him so I deeply appreciate everyone who has been asking about him and sending him positive energy to get better.  What a tough little animal.