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An Elderly Couple Reunite After Being Separated By COVID-19 In One Of The Most Heartwarming Videos You'll Ever See

We've seen a lot of heartwarming videos throughout this epidemic, and I don't say this to disparage any of them, but this one takes the cake. I'm hesitant to say "I'm still crying" because people typically say that for dramatic effect when they're not actually crying, but this video got me. It's just so... pure. If someone had never heard of love and had no idea what it meant or looked like, that's the video you would show them.

And their story is the story you would tell. (Courtesy CBN News)

The couple were married at the age of 20 after a two-year courtship and have been together ever since. 

In more than 63 years of marriage, Jerry and Beverley Lindell haven't spent much time apart. But fears of the COVID-19 virus, recently kept Jerry quarantined in a local recovery facility, spending weeks away from his wife. Beverly was heartbroken that she couldn't visit her husband.

But there was no power on earth that would keep Jerry from celebrating Beverly's 84th birthday with her. He surprised her by returning to their home in Litchfield on March 26, according to KARE.

I mean, come on! This quarantine was the most time they spent apart in the 65 YEARS they've been together? I can't even wrap my head around being with someone for 65 years, much less never being more than days apart in that forever period. Wow. 

And even before this forced separation, life happened but they figured it out. 

During Jerry's time in recovery following a hospital stay, Beverly had been riding a bus to go see him every day before the coronavirus quarantine.

"The bus would pick her up in the mornings and bring her to the nursing home," their daughter Loriee told KARE-TV. "She was pretty much there all afternoon."

I can almost see sweet, little, 83-year-old Beverly anxiously waiting outside for the bus* to pick her up so she can see her mans at the nursing home. 

You know who else spent all their time at a nursing home to be with the love of their life? 

That's right. What we're dealing with here is the real-life Allie and Noah. So, of course, the only thing she wanted for her birthday was her husband and, of course, he was going to surprise her. 

"I won't let him go," Beverly added as they held hands. "He's mine to keep."

Love is alive, folks. 



*I say almost because, frankly, the only thing that goes through my head when I think of someone waiting for the bus is, "back to school, back to school to prove to dad I'm not a fool." And yes, it took everything in me not to completely derail the story with this. You're welcome. 

(Screenshot courtesy: KARE-TV/YouTube)