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BREAKING NEWS: Blackhawks Sign Top Prospect Ian Mitchell To An Entry Level Deal

BIG Friday news dump for the boys. Ian Mitchell is in the fold, officially...but not officially. I have no idea why there hasn't been an announcement. Maybe John McDonough can't figure out how to do Zoom at his house and his son who normally helps him log on to his computer at home isn't answering his phone and they were waiting to do a video conference call where he can take credit for this signing. I don't know. What I do know is that Ian Mitchell signed a contract hours ago. I've been sitting on this news since noon today and just got the official go ahead from a SOURCE. I would expect the announcement to come later this weekend, but you can file this under news broken by your ole friend Chief. 

Huge news and a great day for the Blackhawks. No sweating it out with a potential return to Denver and subsequent free agency looming. No more waiting. The Blackhawks have an important piece of their future under contract. I couldn't be more excited. Mitchell is the type of person you want to build a team around. He wears the C for Denver and it wouldn't shock me if he wore some day for the Hawks as well. The number one thing I say when I describe Ian Mitchell is that you can tell he has good parents. He looks you in the eye. He works hard. He has good manners. And he wants to be the best he can be. Oh, and he's really fucking good

What you're going to get out of Mitchell is a well-rounded, but slightly undersized defenseman. He defends with his feet, a good stick, and an elite brain. By Blackhawks standards, which ya know isn't great at the moment, he is ready to step in and play right away. He is definitely more advanced defensively than Adam Boqvist is/was when he got the call last year. He can control the play at both ends of the ice and while Boqvist is definitely more offensively gifted, with the game on the line I want Ian Mitchell out there. I am probably higher on him than most people, but there are so many similarities in work ethic, size, and skating ability between Mitchell and Duncan Keith. It's unfair to Mitchell to expect him to have the type of career that Keith has had, but I am VERY excited that these two will overlap and Mitchell will have the opportunity to learn from the best defenseman in franchise history. I actually thinik they would be a nice pair together. The Blackhawks have a lot to figure out between now and whenever we are allowed to have hockey again, but a lineup that looks like




could be okay in the short term and could be very good in the long run. The right side looks set. This is probably the right side of the future Bowman envisioned when he traded Jokiharju. Still a stupid trade and one that the Hawks will regret for a long time, but Mitchell did make Jokiharju expendible. 

The Blackhawks have a lot of dmen signed through next season on the roster right now, but there's no such thing as having too many defensemen and however it works out the Blackhawks are better off now than they were a day ago. Long time coming, but Ian Mitchell is officially a member of the Chicago Blackhawks