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I know the sports world is hurting for content right now. I get it. Every day some league has some cockamamie idea to get the league going, be it Fight Island or every baseball player lives in quarantine in Arizona or the NHL moves to North Dakota or the NBA starts playing H-O-R-S-E, and we all talk about it like it's a remotely realistic possibility then all the talking heads debate it. It's tough in the internet streets, I understand. That's why I'd forgive this tweet if it was a one-time, quarantine-induced thing. But it's not. It's a regular ordeal over on Twitter. Every fuckin' day is the anniversary of some play that you forgot happened and very easily could've continued life never remembering. I mean a Carmelo pumpfake? When he's not playing basketball? That's getting a fuckin ANNIVERSARY now? That's worse than the couple that celebrates a goddamn six month anniversary. A pump fake from a spectator! A real "where were you when?" moment. One of those plays grandads tell their kids about and children practice in the back yard. I know everyone was worried you were gonna miss the anniversary of this but thankfully we didn't. Henceforth today will not be known as Good Friday, it will be "The Day Carmelo Grabbed A Loose Ball And Stormed The Court Then Pumpfaked And Honestly Should Have Been Kicked Out Of The Game For Disrupting Play But He's Got Former Player Privilege And Really The Police Should Have Been Involved Day." 


PS - Back in December SC had THREE tweets about the anniversary of things no one cared about in an hour. That was when I decided a line had to be drawn.