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What's The Best Play In Football Video Games?

I was playing NCAA 14 last night, and I realized two things: 

1. It's a damn shame we haven't figured out this NCAA video game dilemma yet because NCAA21 with Joe Burrow on the cover would get many people through this quarantine. 


2. There are two plays that rise above the rest in the collection of 8 plays that we all run. 

Four verticals just gives you so many options. I swear to god you could run that every play and the deep cross route over the middle of the field will ALWAYS be open. 

Sometimes you may have to put a little touch on it. Sometimes you gotta thread the needle. But it'll be there. Same for strong flood. Middle of the field with an out route on the backside.


This was a great one too. The deep cross again = golden, but I hate play action in video games. Every time I use it my offensive line looks like Purdue's from last season and before I even turn around I'm getting smacked. 

I try to avoid PA. 

Look at Max bringing out the laser pointer and breaking down the coverage. Hell yeah. This is an absolutely beautiful concept and one that gets virtual D coordinators fired week in and week out. I love the RB angle. Slight delay but the combination just blasts open the middle of the field. Tough to beat. 

Speaking of RB angle. 

Had a few trickle in for the Engage Eight classic on defense. Everyone knows engage eight. There's just something so tempting about the way the blitz looks dialed up that you can't pass up on. That and it's always the first choice to pop up so fuck it, let's bring the house. 

Yep. Scramble around with John Elway until Rod Smith gets down the field then cut it loose. 

You gotta keep it simple. No one likes the dude who is using hot routes and calling audibles at the line of scrimmage thinking he's Peyton fuckin Manning. Line 'em up Engage Eight vs. Four Verticals and let the best man win.