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Larry Fitzgerald's College Highlight Tape Is Just Preposterous

I was young when Larry Fitzgerald was at Pitt. During his two years, he never played against UConn, so I don't remember watching him. My memory of his career at Pitt consisted of him on the cover of NCAA 2005:

If the highlights don't do him justice, just take a look at his career stats:

34 TDs, 2677 yards in 26 games. ABSURD. I'm not sure how much these stats would change if you adjusted them for the era he played in, but I'd assume they'd only get better. 

I did a little query on Sports Reference and found only two other guys with over 34 TDs and 2600 yards in under 30 games since 2000: Michael Crabtree and Davante Adams. 

Larry Fitzgerald may be the least respected GOAT. I can't think of one in any other sport. If you can, please sound off in the comments. I'd be interested to hear the names.