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This College Pitcher Pulled Off A Magic Trick Mid-Wind Up

What the hell is this sorcery?

After carefully examining this several times, it appears the pitcher carefully places the ball under his glove hand index finger before pulling it out to throw it. And of course the usual no fun allowed crows was out in full force on this one on Twitter, insisting this was a balk because he puts the ball back in his glove after taking it out. But as I mentioned, it appears it stays on the outside of the glove, which as far as I know, does not violate any rules.

Do we really have to break down every single thing on the internet like it's the Zapruder film? Can't we all just enjoy a funny internet video anymore?

If you really wanted to dissect something from this video, it's that this kid needs to do magic tricks to distract from the fact that he's throwing 78 MPH fastballs right down the middle. That's good for one pitch an at-bat, but you better hope you've got some good breaking stuff because that fastball ain't gonna cut it no matter how creative you get during your delivery.

Anyway, I thought this video was fun. Just enjoy the mystery.