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Be the First to Name All the People in Vindog's Man Cave Pics and WIN a Barstool T-Shirt & Cap!

Over the years I've hung pictures of some of my favorite athletes and celebrities in my "Man Cave". They're mostly 8" x 10" pics I purchased on eBay and put in cheap frames.

Follow the video and identify the person(s) in each pic. There are numbers under each. There are 25 in all. Some have more than one person and you'll have to name everyone in the pic. A few have autographs, but they're hard to see and some I've covered.

Email your answers to (number them 1-25)

If you have any questions or you need a hint, send a tweet to @Vindog56 and I'll tweet the hint so everyone can see.

The winner will receive a Barstool T-Shirt & Cap!

The winner will be announced Monday, April 13th.

Good Luck!