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LeSean McCoy And Tre'Davious White Telling The Story Of Vontae Davis Retiring At Halftime Is Pure Comedy

For those who don't remember a couple seasons ago Vontae Davis straight up retired in the middle of a game. Said "Fuck this, I'm out," didn't even take off his shoulder pads and drove home to catch the fourth quarter from the comfort of his own couch. One of the all time moves that doesn't get talked about enough. I don't know how to bring it up within the flow of most normal conversations which is probably why it doesn't get talked about enough. But luckily with this quarantine comes a whole heap of pro athletes trading stories over IG Live and today Shady and Tre White regaled us with this all time tale. 

First thing's first: Vontae Davis is decently well traveled in the NFL. Off the top of my head (it's 3 AM I'm not looking this shit up) he played for at least the Colts, Dolphins, and Bills. Maybe he played for more teams, maybe he didn't. Your guess is as good as mine. But even with only three teams over a decade of playing you're talking about hundreds upon hundreds of players and coaches and trainers making fun of his voice. That's reason enough to leave abruptly. Because Shady and Tre were having entirely too much fun mimicking his voice years later. They could have told this story with no impression and it still would have been funny. Adding the voice? Minimum 10x funnier. I had no idea helium voice Vontae Davis sounded like that. And now I do, for which I'm thankful.