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BREAKING: Dave Portnoy Is NOT The Father....

 anymore! So you can scratch this:

...because the brushfire koala adopted in his name has healed and is freeeeeeee!

From the inbox moments ago:

We are sending you this email because your boss, Stool Presidente, very kindly adopted long time stoolie, Anwen, who was the first female koala brought into the Koala Hospital as a result of the devastating bushfires which ravaged the Mid North Coast of New South Wales and many other parts of Australia at the end of last year. 

Anwen is about 4-5 years old, and had badly burnt hands, feet, arms and fur.  For months she sat quietly in a basket in an intensive care unit.

When it was decided her wounds had healed enough to no longer need dressing she was moved to an external, rehabilitation yard. Although quiet, she was active, cheeky and enjoyed moving around her enclosure and eating leaf.

The current times are very challenging for everyone and we wanted to bring you a good news story to hopefully lift your spirits!

Anwen was ready to go home and was released back to her home range last Friday, 3rd April, 2020.

We would like to thank El Pres for the wonderful support he gave to Anwen through our Adopt a Wild Koala Programme. Without his support Anwen may not have received the excellent care she was given which allowed her to heal and flourish. Our aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and release koalas back to their home range where possible.

Best regards,

S. Ashton, President

Koala Conservation Australia

A pretty happy ending to a story that started in the beginning of this year… 

Back in January when the horrific Australian brush fires were sweeping the forests Dave was beside himself… He'd had to slow down because of leg surgery so he had plenty of time to think about the plight of the animals, and especially the koalas there:

Noticing that & thinking of an opportunity to 1) write a fun blog 2) help koalas 3) brown nose a little bit, one industrious employee went ahead & adopted Anwen in his name. 

Apparently a lot of other people went and adopted Anwen as well so if you're one of them well done. Great group parenting effort. (The reason more than one person could adopt the same koala is because they were slammed with over 300 and the 'adoption fees' from one person would never cover the full coast of care for those tiny marsupials. I got a TON of messages about this at the time.)

Happy trails to Anwen as she sails off into a sea of eucalyptus leaves. Good vibes.