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Dropping A Full Roll Of Toilet Paper In The Bowl Lead To A Disaster

This afternoon I was taking a delightful shitter break to get away from Dana and my brother. There has been bickering going on non stop because I can fuck with Dana in 7 seconds and he gets rattled. All my brother does is eat shit and lay and he is just always in the way. On top of that I have an anal bird who screams its head off for at least 3 hours and a printer that starts to go off out of nowhere. Nobody has printed something in the Mush household since 1967. 

Besides my house being a war zone right now I needed to write this to make a couple of points. The first one is I am very surprised that we have just settled with toilet paper. How haven't we gone with something circular to you know fit in the hole. I don't know just a thought. Second thing is that we got lazy and didn't put the paper on the roller thing so you have to pick it up and rip it yourself. As a man who stands and wipes which everyone should be doing that because you never want to be in danger of scooping your own poop while wiping. So I fumbled the roll and and it fell directly into the water. I then had to flush so I didn't get the shit finger and then I had to take it out. The last problem I had was that i have been fucking with the two of the all day I just had to sit on the bowl until someone gave me some paper. Have you ever had to run naked in your house, it is just a sad sight and it upsetting to see. I just wrote this blog just to see if anyone thinks we wil ever get circular toilet paper.